Five years:
Accelerating Impact.
Driving Change.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 5 years since Reach for Change Africa launched! We started with just a handful of social entrepreneurs and the conviction that social entrepreneurship is the key to our continent’s development.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve encountered thousands of motivated local people with ideas and initiatives to make their communities, their countries and, eventually, the whole continent a better place. This surge of prospective social entrepreneurs is a growing movement - a movement of smart, brave and passionate people who are driving change and transforming the entire continent, one venture at a time.

We’ve also encountered dozens of like-minded organizations, volunteers and sector experts who have joined us to enable African social entrepreneurs to create lasting change for children, youth and women. Without them, all of the achievements you’ll read about here simply wouldn’t have been possible.

We invite you to join in our celebrations as you scroll through this page and we hope that you are as inspired as we are about the amazing potential that social entrepreneurs have to make Africa – and the world – a better place!

High Five! We did it!
5 years of supporting African social entrepreneurs!


For the past 5 years, we’ve been supporting social entrepreneurs to turn innovative solutions - that have a deep impact on women, youth and children - into sustainable, scalable ventures that alter and transform the communities in which they live. We do this by running innovation competitions, accelerators and incubators in the 7 countries in which we work and partnering with like-minded organizations to build a strong ecosystem for social enterprise across Africa.


Through our work, hundreds of social entrepreneurs have been empowered to impact more than 1 million beneficiaries in Africa. This work is transforming the continent especially in the areas of education, health, and reducing inequality. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve accomplished in the region since 2012:



The work of our social entrepreneurs makes a big difference in the lives of children, like Jacques, Rukia & Mohammed!




Jacques' Story

For the first six years of his life, Jacques was unable to communicate with the people around him. Teachers at school did not know how to teach him and he couldn’t play with his classmates because he couldn’t speak or hear them. When Jacques met Louis Ngabonziza, a social entrepreneur supported by Reach for Change in Rwanda, his life turned around completely. Read more


Rukia & Dennis learn digital skills

A number of our social entrepreneurs are working to bridge the digital divide between children in rural and urban areas. Check out this video to hear how Rukia, a rural Tanzanian student, was impacted by our Change Leader Sharnel Deo.

And click here to read how Dennis, a youth in Ghana, learned coding skills that have helped his mother's business.


Mohammed receives life-saving blood

Mohammed is a happy 4-year-old boy in Senegal, who suffers from a very serious condition: the SS type of sickle cell disease. He needs to receive regular blood transfusions to stay healthy. Without these transfusions, the disease could become fatal. Learn how our Change Leaders Jean Luc Semedo and Evelyne Ines Ntonga are making a difference in little Mohammed’s life. Read more

Making magic happen:
The social entrepreneurs we support


For the past 5 years we have supported the development over 300 social entrepreneurs through innovation competitions, accelerators and incubators. Our social entrepreneurs are tackling 10 of the 17 sustainable development goals, while making a big difference in the lives of Africa children, youth and women.




So who are these amazing people and what exactly do they do? Meet just a handful of our Change Leaders below – the people who are making magic happen in their communities, their countries and beyond!



Our alumnus Susan Sabaa runs a social enterprise called CRRECENT that helps ex-juvenile offenders reintegrate into society and equips them with the skills they need to find meaningful employment to ensure that their futures are not defined by past mistakes. CRRECENT researches and addresses the root causes of delinquency in children and youth in Ghana, including discrimination, abuse and poverty, and advocates for just policies for young offenders. Since joining our incubator in 2011, Susan scaled her social enterprise into 90 Ghanaian communities and is growing her movement across the country. CRRECENT has reintegrated and settled hundreds of juvenile offenders, reduced their likelihood of reoffending, and has carried out preventative activities for thousands of at-risk youth to reduce the amount of juvenile offences that take place in society.




Adoumkidjim Naiban is reducing inequalities for children with intellectual disabilities in Chad. Intellectual disabilities are often stigmatized, hidden away by families who feel ashamed about them and are often prevented from enjoying their right to education and full participation in society. Adoumkidjim Naiban’s organization CESER provides theses children with quality education, ensuring their health and wellbeing, teaching them vocational skills for employment, providing support to their parents and caregivers and reducing the stigma that surrounds intellectual disabilities through advocacy work in Chadian communities. Since joining our incubator in 2014, CESER has improved the lives of over 2,000 children through intensive, specialized daily programming and he is changing attitudes and behaviours toward disabled children and to create a more inclusive future.


Neema Shosho is using digital tools to combat malnutrition among young children in Tanzania. Her social enterprise Afya Slices sends mothers, caregivers and health providers nutritional information via SMS about locally available foods to ensure that children receive the vitamins, minerals and daily caloric intake they need for healthy development. Neema has provided crucial nutritional information to 600 families with young children since she launched the Afya Slices SMS platform in mid-2016. As she continues to scale her initiative and attract more subscribers to her platform, Neema is on a mission to ensure all parents, caregivers and health providers in Tanzania can easily access current, locally-relevant nutritional practices for children and infants.



Our programs


We run three core activities that help us to identify, develop and scale some of Africa’s best social entrepreneurs! Click on the boxes below to learn more about how our programs create a big impact across the continent.


The Next Five Years:
Our Plan for Change


From outstanding ideas to outstanding solutions


As we celebrate all that’s been accomplished in our first five years, our work is far from done. Since we first started, we’ve learned that there is great potential - and great need - in the African social enterprise sector. We are taking a page from our own book and applying it to our own organization as we expand our operations to provide opportunities and support more social entrepreneurs, to help established social entrepreneurs scale to and place a focus on Sustainable Development Goals where we can make the biggest impact.



To read more about what’s in store for the next 5 years, read our complete 5 year anniversary impact report here!

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